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Tuck Pointing

Dangers of Neglecting Tuck Pointing

Gradually over time, mortar begins to break down from weather and Colorado's change in climate. Mortar will break away and allow the bricks to come loose, further allowing moisture to seep into the chimney. Moisture can damage the structure of the chimney walls, damage the tiles, and rust the damper.

The mortar can be repaired through a process called tuck pointing. EcoClean Chimney technicians will clean up the brick joints and remove all of the old and loose mortar. New mortar is put into the damaged areas through tuck pointing and pushed in to remove any air pockets. The joint is then made to match the old mortar and the brick is cleaned.

If the loose mortar is caught at an early stage, it can be tuck pointed and put back. This is done by scraping out the loose mortar and applying new mortar in its place. The key is catching the problem early so that tuck poiting can be used and the brick won't need to be relayed.

The new mortar will adhere to the brick and create a protective seal. If the chimney is left too long, then the bricks will need to be taken apart and relayed with an entire new layer of mortar. This is much more expensive than tuck pointing, because it requires substantially more labor.

EcoClean's High Quality Tuck Pointing

EcoClean technicians have many years of experience in restoring chimneys through tuck pointing, ultimately saving customers thousands in future repairs. The key to proper tuck pointing, is removing the loose mortar first. Some companies skip this step and just put new mortar over the old loose mortar. Tuck pointing done in this manner, will not last long. EcoClean technicians always remove the loose mortar first, then tuck point over mortar that is structural sound.

Call EcoClean today to get a free estimate of the tuck point services you require. EcoClean technicians will look for problems in the mortar and brick and determine the least costly path to restoring the chimney.

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