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Do you need a furnace chimney liner?

A chimney liner is installed to protect your home from poisonous fumes and destructive gasses. It is made from an aluminium material and is installed in the chimney to direct gases from furnace and hot water heater safely away from living areas. The chimney flue without a liner will allow gases to penetrate through the tiles. A liner works to ensure that the exhaust gasses cannot escape from the chimney and into the home.

Older chimneys were not designed to keep the gas out. The tile erodes over years and becomes porous, the gases will soak into the tiles and into the home. As furnaces become more efficient and burn more gas, less gas travels through the flu. This causes, temperatures in the flue to drop low enough to create condensation. The water created by condensation, combines with acids in the flue to create an acid moisture which eats away at the bricks and mortar.

In older homes that don't have any liner at all it is possible to have gasses enter the home through the old mortar and brick. The new building codes for heating and air conditioning require a liner be installed if the furnace is using a chimney to exhaust the gasses from the home. The cost of a 8" liner ranges from 900.00 to 1200.00. Its an investment that adds value to your home and keeps your family safe from hazardous gases.

Have an EcoClean technician inspect your chimney and furnace flue. He or she will ensure that no gases are leaking into the home, due to the furnace. If any issues are discovered, he or she will provide the best estimate to fix the issues.