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Call EcoClean to inspect your flashing today!

Why is it important to check the flashing?


The flashing can be used as a crown at the very top of the chimney, which prevents water from entering the interior of the chimney. Moisture causes damage to the tiles by contracting and expanding and forcing the tile to crack and break apart. Once the tile breaks, then heat and dangerous gases escape into the home, which leads to extreme fire hazards.

Moisture from a damaged flashing can cause the brick in a chimney to expand and crack thereby weakening the structure of the chimney, and it is very expensive to replace and repair.

Flashing seals the connection of the chimney to the roof. The flashing also prevents moisture from entering the sides of the chimney which will prevent mold from growing on the walls.

Maintain your chimney with a yearly inspection

A yearly inspection by an EcoClean Chimney technician will find any cracks and seal them before a replacement flashing is needed.