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  • Commerical Chimney Work

EcoClean and Fire Prevention

Taking care of the chimney in a building or home will add value to the property and drastically reduce fire risk. yearly maitenance by a certified technician will make sure no issues are present in the fireplace or chimney.

EcoClean Chimney Clean has been locally involved in business servicing in the Denver metro area.

  • EcoClean can clean all types of fireplace and chimneys
  • EcoClean has the technology to clean a home or a commercial flue 90 feet tall
  • EcoClean can install gas inserts to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly fire place
  • EcoClean has different caps for all applications
  • All cleaning comes with a free safety inspection

We check for:

  • Cracks that can lead to water and fire damage
  • Condition of the flue cap to prevent the entrance of debris
  • Condition of exterior surface
  • Visual documentation through the use of digital photography, which we provide to the customers (before and after pictures)
Cracked Chimney

Cracks in the fire brick as the picture above shows, allows heat to get into your walls behind the brick. This greatly increases fire danger and allows gases to enter the home. Our thorough inspection process will find these problems and allow us to recommend a proper solution.

All of our work is guaranteed and done in a timely manner.