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Fireplace Insert Install

Fireplace inserts can be a great replacement for your fireplace. A fireplace insert is installed inside your fireplace for various reasons. Some inserts are installed for decoration, due to the fact that they can make an outdated fireplace look more modern. Inserts can also be installed for functionality. Additionally some inserts are made to help spread heat around the room, better than an ordinary fireplace.

Chimney inserts can also be installed inside a damaged fireplace. As long as there are no structural flaws, an insert can be installed inside a damaged fireplace to hide the damage. EcoClean offers insert installation at affordable prices. Make sure you choose a certified company like EcoClean as your chimney expert.

Fireplace Insert Removal

Sometimes homeowners dont like the look of their currently installed fireplace insert and would like to remove the fireplace insert and use the original fireplace instead. EcoClean technicians can remove the old insert and then restore the old fireplace to working order, as long as no unfixable issues are present. If you'd like to have your insert removed call EcoClean to schedule a free estimate appointment, so that an EcoClean technician can determine the necessary steps to revitalize the original fireplace.

Cleaning a chimney that has a Fireplace Insert

When a wood burning fireplace has a metal insert installed, there is a gap between the metal insert and the back fireplace wall. We have found that many chimney sweeps do not remove the inserts, instead they push the soot and debris that they sweep from the chimney flue down behind the insert. EcoClean technicians pull out every insert or hearth stove, that is connected to a brick fireplace.

The only time the insert does not need to be pulled is when there is a flue pipe attached and exits the top of the chimney. The debris will build up and can cause a layer of creosote behind the insert. Chimney fires can start behind the insert due to the high amount of creosote there. When we pull the insert home-owners are shocked to see the amount of soot and debris behind the insert. Yearly maintenance and the job done right will prevent this.

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