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Dryer Vent Install

Sometimes homes dont have a proper dryer vent installed or have a non functioning dryer vent. In these cases a new dryer vent will need to be installed. Due to the serious risk of dryer vent fires, it's important to choose a company that has the expertise to get the job done. Often times companies will take shortcuts to make the install easier.

Common Mistakes that Companies make when Installing a Dryer Vent:
  • Making the dryer vent excessively long
  • Using flexible materials that will not last
  • Having too many turns in the dryer vent
  • Not properly attaching the dry vent to the structure of the building
  • Using cheap materials
  • Using screws in the vent (This is against code)

A dryer vent with any of these problems will ultimately not last, and will create a fire risk, as well as cause the dryer to wear out faster. Choosing a company that like EcoClean will ensure that these problems wont happen. If you are in need of having a dryer vent installed, don't hesitate to call EcoClean today 720-299-7782. A free appointment can be scheduled to assess the issue and determine the correct dryer vent install to be made.

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