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Chimney Crown Repair

Why is it important to replace a cracked crown?

Crown repair


The crown lies at the top of the chimney and it prevents moisture from entering the chimney. This moisture causes damage to the tiles by contracting and expanding, thus causing the tile to crack and break. Once the tile breaks the moisture from weather gets into the home.

Gases and extreme heat can seep into the house through the cracked crown leading to a severe fire hazard.

Moisture from a cracked crown can cause the brick in a chimney to expand and crack, weakening the structure of a chimney. Brick work is typically expensive to replace and repair. Repair the crown is a much cheaper option to prevent costly brick repairs in the future.

Maintain your chimney with a yearly inspection

A yearly inspection by EcoClean chimney technicians, will find any cracks and seal them before a replacement crown is needed.

EcoClean provides chimney inspections

When a replacement crown is needed for your home or office, EcoClean will remove the old crown and rebuild the base. We will then install a new crown that is guaranteed to last in Colorado's extreme weather.

EcoClean has the experience and skills to provide a safe and efficient service.

We tear down the old crown and backing down to a layer of brick, then the brick is checked for damage and new plywood is placed on the brick. Wire is then added to the crown mortar for an extra layer of strength and protection.

Rebuilding a crown takes 4 to 6 hours, and the chimney can be used 24 hours after work has been completed.

We provide pictures for our customers so they can see the work we have done

Damaged Crown