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Chimney Damper

What is the Chimney Damper?

Chimney Dampers are in place to separate the chimney flue from the fireplace. They prevent outside conditions from entering the home. This helps keep cold air and moisture out of the home.

By keeping outside conditions from entering the home, the damper helps keep your home protected and warm. Specifically the damper protects the bricks in the fireplace, from harsh conditions. This helps reduce erosion and damage to the brick and in turn saves you money in the long run.

Problems with the Chimney Damper

As dampers age and are exposed to harsh conditions and heat problems may occur that will prevent the proper seal of the fireplace from the chimeny or even prevent proper use of the fireplace.

Common Chimney Damper Problems:
  1. Damper has warped and no longer functions properly
  2. Damper no longer opens or closes completely
  3. Damper is hard to operate

Chimney Damper Solutions

EcoClean is all about providing the least expensive long term solution to your chimney problems. When it comes to damper problems it's often very expensive or just impossible to repair or replace chimney dampers that are not functioning as intended. The least expensive option is just remove the old damper completely and replace the damper with a spring loaded damper cap. A damper cap works just like a normal damper and is controlled through a spring loaded chain system located in the fireplace. Damper caps also have added benefits over traditional dampers.

Lock-top Damper
Damper and cap
Damper with Cap
Benefits of Chimney Damper Cap:
  1. Inexpensive solution to a broken Chimney Damper
  2. Opening and closing is easier than a traditional damper
  3. Seals the entire flue from animals and moisture rather than just the fireplace
  4. Protects against chimney fires by automatically closing when a chimney fire is present
  5. Has the benefits of a chimney cap and a damper

EcoClean Chimney Damper Services

No matter the issue with your chimney damper, EcoClean technicians can assess the situation and offer the least expensive solution, that will last. Call now 720-299-7782 to receive a free chimney damper estimate.

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