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Chimney Crown Repair or Replacement

Why is it Important to Replace a Cracked Chimney Crown?

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The crown lies at the top of the chimney and it prevents moisture from entering the chimney. This moisture causes damage to the flue tiles by contracting and expanding, thus causing the flue tiles to crack and break. Once the tile breaks the moisture from weather gets into the home.

A chimney crown also prevents gases and extreme heat from seeping back into the space between the chimney flue and chimney wall. Gases seeping into this space can ultimately seep into the home, thereby causing many hazards for the home owner .

The moisture seeping in from a damaged chimney crown can also cause the interior mortar joints of the chimney to deteriorate quicker than normal. This deteriation can cause costly repairs in the future. Brick work is typically expensive to replace and repair. Repairing the crown is a much cheaper option to prevent costly brick repairs in the future.

Maintain your Chimney with a Yearly Inspection

A yearly inspection by an EcoClean chimney technician, will find any cracks and seal them before a replacement crown is needed. This saves the customer 80% of the cost of a new crown, while adding years of life to the crown.

If your Chimney Crown Needs to be Replaced

When a replacement crown is needed for your home or office, EcoClean technicians will completely remove the old chimney crown. Often times the first coarse of brick will need to be relayed after the crown is removed, this necessary process is included at no additional cost to the homeowner. This is a necesarry step that many companies forgo to save time. Having a strong layer of brick below the chimney crown is crucial to the structural integrity of the chimney crown.

The technician will then install a metal base for the new crown to be built on. This ensures the base of the crown is structurally sound and improves the overall life of the crown. A new replacement chimney crown is then built on top of that metal base. EcoClean crowns are guaranteed to last in Colorado's extreme weather and crowns come with a minimum of a five year warranty.

Rebuilding a crown takes 4 to 6 hours, and the chimney can be used 24 hours after work has been completed.

EcoClean has the experience and skills to provide a safe and efficient service, while also providing the best value to their customers.

EcoClean technicians provide before and after pictures for their customers so they can see the work that has been completed.

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