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Chimney Cleaning

As fire burns in your fireplace, moisture in the wood is released into the chimney and forms a creosote (particles of unburned wood and other chemicals) on the walls of your chimney. The more your chimney is used, the heavier the build up of creosote will be. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that chimneys should be cleaned and inspected yearly, while in use.

Fire in the flue of the chimney is caused by the creosote holding the heat. Often times, people have fires in their fireplace without knowing it, only to be told that there is smoke rising from their house. To put out the fire, the Fire Department will tear apart the chimney to make sure everything is safe. The heat from the fire will cause the chimney to fall apart due to damage to the brick and mortar, which will release toxic gasses into the home. This can be very expensive to repair because the chimney will need to be rebuilt entirely.

Build up in a chimney will create heat beyond the standards of the chimney flue. Cleaning the chimney with a hard brush will remove the build up of debris and keep your chimney safe and healthy.

Benefits of Chimney Sweeping:

  • Improves drafting within the chimney
  • Provides more direct airflow for smoke to escape
  • Removes the creosote from the flue
  • Allows for a proper inspection of the fireplace, to look for faults
  • Improves the overall performance of the fireplace
  • Reduces fire risk

Different types of wood can rapidly cause the build up of creosote in the flue. Burning a low quality type of wood such as cottonwood creates a lot of creosote build up in the chimney. When creosote builds up it will hold the heat on the surface of the chimney, which can lead to flash fires within the flue. Heat can cause serious problems within the chimney such as the breakdown of the mortar in the joints.

Why Choose EcoClean Chimney Sweep?

  • EcoClean provides a full inspection of the chimney flue, firebox, and exterior
  • EcoClean removes any causes of fire danger from the chimney
  • We clean the flue with hard wire brushes to remove the build up, and we provide suction at the bottom of the flue
  • Through the filtering of creosote, we help protect the environment
  • Any repairs that are needed for the chimney, are provided by us
  • We service residential and commercial units
  • All of our work is 100% guaranteed, and provided in a timely manner
  • All of the products we use are environmentally friendly!