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Chimney caps provide protection for the top of your chimney flue, while allowing the gases to flow through the opening in the chimney cap, allowing the chimney to work properly.

Chimney caps keep animals out of the flue, they also keep debris from falling in the flue. Additionally, they keep the sparks from a fire from entering the air and thereby reducing the risk of starting an unintentional fire. The last benefit of a chimney cap is that they prevent moisture from entering the flue. and thereby reduce the deterioration of the flue.

Chimney caps can also be a nice decoration for a home. They can be made of cooper, stainless steel and galvanized steel. The prices will vary depending on the look a person wants. Galvanized caps are the cheapest and come in black or a dull tin color. Caps are set into the flue and are wind resistant when installed properly.

Caps can be round or square and can even be made to cover multi flues with one cap. They are removable, so that the chimney flue can be cleaned.

EcoClean offers a variety of caps and free estimates to measure your cap. Give us a call or fill out the form and we will provide the services you need. Call Now for a free estimate 720-299-7782!

Benefits of a Chimney Cap:
  • Caps provide safety
  • Caps keep the animals out
  • Caps can finish the look of your home
  • Caps can be used as dampers
  • Install a new cap today

In addition to a chimney cap, homeowners should have their chimney inspected yearly by EcoClean to prevent costly repairs in the future. If you have a gas or wood burning fireplace you should have it inspected annually as well.

Call EcoClean today to get your chimney cleaned, capped and inspected. All of our inspections are written out for your convenience.

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