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Animal Danger

Chimneys are often a great refuge for many types of animals. Squirrels, raccoons, and various types of birds thrive while building their homes inside of a chimney. Although it may be a great place for the animals, its not so great for the home-owner.

Having animals in your home can present many threats to you and your home. For one, many types of animal droppings are considered to be hazardous to humans. Allowing an animal to use your chimney as their home, can be hazardous to your health.

Animals also prevent home-owners from using their chimneys, this is due to the fact that smoke can kill the animals. Additionally animals running up and down your chimney walls can deteriorate the mortar and brick.

Top reasons why animals need to be removed:

  • Bats can often leave behind guano (bat waste) which can be dangerous and toxic
  • Birds build nests that can contain all kinds of debris that can lead to respiratory problems
  • Raccoons leave behind a number of debris and droppings that can cause any number of diseases and problems with families
  • Squirrels can spread things such as: rabies, fleas, and ticks
  • Bees and wasps often make nests within the chimney and can get inside the house

How Can EcoClean Help with your Chimney Animal Removal?

EcoClean is not a certified pest control and therefor to protect the customers and technicians no live animal will be handled directly. With that being said EcoClean technicians can oftne times scare the animal out of the chimney and then proper clean the chimney to remove the waste left behind. In some cases, for example when a raccoon has had a litter of babies inside the chimney, the animal cannot be scared out and therefor the homeowner must either call a pest control company or wait for summer for the animal to leave on their own.

Services that EcoClean Provides in Regards to Animals Inside the Chimney
  • Waste clean up
  • Scare away the animal
  • Remove deceased animal
  • Properly cap the chimney, so future problems don't arise

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