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Chimney Brick Repair

Overtime Bricks crumble, fall out, or become damged due to harsh weather and erosion. This leaves cracks and holes in the chimney, which in turn create multiple problems for the property owner. The biggest problem with damaged bricks is that it creates structural flaws in the structure of the chimney. Over time the chimney itself can completely fall over, creating costly repairs.

The second biggest problem with damaged brick, is that it it allows moisture into the interior of the Chimney, which increases the rate of deterioration of the interior mortar joints. Lastly, chimneys in need of brick repair can pose a health hazard for the property owner. Depending on the type of chimney, holes or cracks in the brick of the chimney, may allow flue gases to seep back into the space between the flue and outer chimney wall. When gases enter this space there is a risk of gases getting inside the home. At this point Carbon Monoxide poisoning becomes a relative risk.

Repairing a few bricks early on is a lot less costly than completely rebuilding chimney. EcoClean Chimney Services has the proper experience in brick repair to get the job done right. If you have a chimney in need of brick repair, don't neglect it, give EcoClean Chimney Services a call today. They can schedule a free brick repair esimate appointment to assess the situation. 720-299-7782

General Brick Repair

EcoClean Chimney Services not only provides brick repair for your chimney, but also provides brick repair for all other applications. If you are tired of seeing broken bricks on a wall or structure, EcoClean's qualified brick repair technicians can replace those bricks or even rebuild the wall if necessary. If your structure has brick or block walls that are no longer structurally safe, EcoClean technicians can come and repair those walls, to once again bring the building back to code.

No matter the size of the job, all work performed is guaranteed by EcoCleans work policy. On top of guaranteed work , EcoClean carries liability insurance. With EcoClean technicians on the job you can expect the job to be done with respect, precision, in a timely manner, and most of all at an affordable price. Put your trust in a company with the proper skills and years of experience.

Because all jobs are unique, EcoClean technicians provide free estimates for future work. If you need more information on the brick repair work you need done, give EcoClean's qualified office staff a call 720-299-7782. They will provide you with the proper information or schedule a free estimate.

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